As soon as a member of SIF or DSF starts speaking into a microphone, a basic studio fee of Dkr 1.700 is applicable for the first hour, no matter what the job. 50% of this basic fee is applicable for every subsequent hour or part of hour. It should be stressed, however, that this is the minimum fee and that many voice talents set their own fees.

Unless the speaker is self-employed and sends his/her own invoice, holiday pay of 12.5% must be added to the basic studio fee.

Depending on the type of voiceover, royalties may have to be added to the basic studio fee. Note that the 12.5% holiday pay is not paid on royalties.

Questions are often asked regarding rates for internet speaks (e.g. corporate speaks, product presentations), telephone system recordings and e-learning narrations. In these instances, a 50% royalty fee is added to the basic studio rate.

In other words, if a narration is non-broadcast and not to be placed on the internet, then the basic studio rate is applicable.

Note: If a speaker records in his/her own home studio and is also required to edit/technically adjust the recording, then he/she is entitled to request an additional sum for this extra work.


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